The summer holidays are at the horizon! And our summer holiday clubs are now ready and on sale! We can't wait!


25th July - 26th August


All kids from year 1 to year 6


Dovedale Primary School, Long Eaton, NG10 3HU


The lovely school were pleased to have us for half term and they want us for the summer as well. The school have an enormous field with plenty of trees and a great area for a camp fire. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay at Trent Meadows and we found that having our holiday clubs at Dovedale puts us closer to the community and easier for people to get to us.

Why should you book with us?

We are an outdoors club offering buschraft activities and lots of outdoor fun. The kind of fun the children need, to grow healthy, socialise and support their wellbeing. 

What will we be doing?

SURVIVE JURASSIC ISLAND - Collect the essential survival tools hidden in the jungle, hunt down the prehistoric predators and collect the dino eggs without getting caught by the T-Rex! A day of high jinks, stealth skills and daring deeds to survive & forage for what you need to escape the island!

WAY OF THE VIKING - Learn the ways of the mighty Vikings and make Thor proud! Capture & evade style games, learn how to make an effective shield wall on the battlefield, craft Viking pottery and play the game of Kubb & Jomswiliker a favourite Viking pastime! 

BACK TO BASICS BUSHCRAFT – FIRE & CAMP CRAFT - Join our instructors for a day of fire lighting skills, camp building and woodland fun & games. Inspired but ancient methods and modern skills to perfect your bushcraft skills.

“AMONG US” SPY CAMP - Based on a popular video game where all our wannabe spies and spaceship survivors hone their skills in deception, mystery and intrigue. We’ll be making charcoal fingerprint detectors, testing stealth skills and repairing our stranded spaceship whilst trying to discover the imposter AMONG US!!

NERFEGEDDON - NERF Action! We’ll provide a range of blasters and play energetic Nerf games, from base invasion to team gameplay to zombie dodging! Good fun for Nerf enthusiasts. Filled with adventure games in between Nerf rounds for some outdoors fun & play.

WILD THINGS WILDERNESS ADVENTURE - Storytelling, action, sword making, den building, animal magic, adventure and swamp monsters – all of the good stuff! Based on the wild adventure book “Willow Wildthing & Swamp Monster” by Gill Lewis – are you brave enough to come into the wilderness?

MINECRAFT MEETS WILDCRAFT - Minecraft Survivor Challenge. Collect your elements, build and maintain your village, earn reward pixels and protect your land and villagers. Watch out for the creeper!

HARRY POTTER WIZARD WANDS, QUIDDITCH & POTIONS CLASS - In this session, we draw our inspiration from the Harry Potter book series. Have fun whittling your very own woodland wand, brew potions and play the game of Quidditch! Which house are you? Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?

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Vicky and The Outdoors Project team x