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February Half Term 2024 - The Outdoors Project

February Half Term 2024 - The Outdoors Project - Kids club/camp

February Half Term 2024

The activities we'll be running through the week are:

Winter Campfire Cookout

Join us around the campfire for bushcraft whittling a toasting fork, cooking delicious snacks of cinnamon rolls & marshmallow fluff biscotti bombs, plus plenty of adventure & games to keep warm & burn off the sugar.

Nerfageddon – Nerf & Adventure Games

An action-packed day of high-energy, tactical, base-invasion Nerf & adventure games: Zombie Apocalypse, VIP, & Capture The Flag. We’ll provide the blasters & fun, you provide the kids!

Animal Ambassadors: Sea Wolves, Sea Turtles & Red Pandas

Learn about endangered animals, their habitats & how they survive & thrive. Get hands-on creating sea turtles, building dens for sea wolves & treehouses for the red pandas.

Robin Hood Day

Join Robin and his merry men on a brave adventure. Craft personalised bows & mini shields, take part in medieval games & join the stagecoach robbery - ‘rob from the rich & give to the poor!’

Nature Ninja Craft & Adventure

A day of nature immersion & positive tech. Craft a pebble ninja & throwing star, contribute to a giant Japanese leaf print mural & work in a team using a camera to find hidden ninjas in our stealthy spy scavenger hunt.


Who: Primary School Year 1 - Year 6 children (ages 5 - 11)

When: Monday 12th - Friday 16th February. Book just 1 day or as many as you like!

We are Ofsted registered. Childcare vouchers accepted. All staff are DBS checked, trained, insured, engaging & full of beans!

For the schedule, choose your nearest location & then open the 'February Half Term Holiday Clubs' drop-down menu.