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NEWS... Lots of it!!!

So so so much good stuff going on this month in our lovely city ... we're trying to keep up.  

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB REPORT - Spring Term 2019.    Find out what we've been up to this term.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB REPORT - Spring Term 2019. Find out what we've been up to this term.

Activities this term have included;   Yoyo Skills, Bushcraft, Nerf, James & the Giant Peach inspired Bug session, Plop Trumps, Survival First Aid and more..... 

Throughout the term the focus on having FUN and through this supporting mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.    The children that attend the club are full of energy, intelligence and charisma and these dynamic personalities really create a great environment for fun and learning.   There is a lot of focus on sharing praise and encouragement for effort.  During the sessions we work through problems to find solutions, help the children understand everyone has different abilities and strengths and encourage each child to make decisions for themselves. The children have shown their resilience in adverse weather conditions during the first half of term and we’ve also seen some amazing team work. 

Autumn Term 18 After School Club 'report'

Autumn Term 18 After School Club 'report'

Every term we mix up the After School Club activities.  Read about what we’ve been up to this term.  Throughout the term we focus on essential life skills including resilience, compassion, team work and competitiveness these skills are supported in a variety of ways throughout the term.
Snail Space Brighton & Hove

Snail Space Brighton & Hove

Ready, set, slow... we're off the starter block on our Snailspace Brighton & Hove trail. So far we've ticked 5 off the list. We're very pleased to see our very own Fern The Nature Punk is now settled in The Open Market. Please share your selfies with her by tagging us on instagram, facebook or send to us via email, we will award prizes for anyone with as magnificent mohican or hair style as Fern!!

Follow the Snailway. There is an App you can download to track the snails you’ve seen and unlock rewards including free snail pasta, a pin badge and an umbrella. Cost £1.99, more than £1 per download will go to the Martlets Hospice Alternatively to donate £3 please text SLOW18£3 to 70070

Birthday smiles all round!

Birthday smiles all round!

A lovely article sent in to us by one of our very happy mums! Based on her son's positive experiences with The Outdoors Project, from the exciting and memorable birthday party for him and his friends to our fun filled and educational holiday clubs. Thank you Maria Belfort for the kind words! If you would like to book your child in for a birthday party please click HERE. 

SUMMER '18 AFTER SCHOOL CLUB REPORT.  Read all about this terms happenings.

SUMMER '18 AFTER SCHOOL CLUB REPORT. Read all about this terms happenings.

Our mission is to encourage children to spend quality time outdoors and gain all the benefits from doing so! Fresh air, exercise, developing friendships, learning about nature, engaging in “wild time”, exploring creativity & imagination, learning new skills and above all having fun!!  The below life & learning skills are incorporated into our sessions this term

Physical Activity *  Teamwork, Co-operation and Leadership Skills * Positive tech engagement with nature * Outdoors Learning & awareness of environment * Literacy & Science

The children have been really enthusiastic about the activities we've done so far this term and we have all been very impressed by the creative twists and ideas they come up with.

This term the children have excelled in the sessions. Some popular ones have been Nature Detectives, a slightly more challenging take on a nature scavenger hunt and the Egg Drop Challenge, where the children are challenged to make a protective barrier around an egg with a set amount of materials to see if it can survive being dropped from height.

Some of the high energy games sessions such as Fortnite Nerf and Ringo are filled with a lot of excitement and can be a test to the children’s sportsmanship skills and teamworking abilities in a more competitive environment. This gives instructors an opportunity to work on and role model good game play attitude as the sessions progress throughout term. The groups work well as a team and its great to see relationships across the age ranges flourish.



Another installment of a day in the life of an Outdoors Project instructor. Read about the 1/2 term holiday clubs, workshops and much more...