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Blending Technology With Outdoors Fun

Things have changed, there’s no denying it.  Gone are the days of Donkey Kong and children’s tv programming from 3-7pm.  

Children today are growing up able to access their favourite cartoons, games and movies day and night, on demand on a variety of devices.  We dont want to fight it or ignore it, instead we're finding ways to blend the love of the tech world with our lovely REAL world.  Read on to find out how.....

How You Can Run Your Own The Outdoors Project Franchise

How You Can Run Your Own The Outdoors Project Franchise

Friends and parents often say that they would love to have a job like ours. We spend a huge proportion of our working life outdoors in the fresh air, laughing, exercising and playing. How many adults can add those activities to their job description!  Granted, there is a huge amount of planning that goes into the clubs, to ensure that children have the most fun possible, whilst in a free range and safe outdoor environment but the good news is that we have done most of the hard work for you, meaning that were you to run your own Outdoors Project Franchise, you would be ready to go almost immediately.