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Hey Kids,

There’s plenty of cool stuff to celebrate this time of year.   Spring has sprung now, the days are lighter, the birds are out singing, there’s plenty of wildlife about and the Easter Bunny pays us a nice little visit, what’s not to love!    

To help celebrate all things Easter and Spring here’s some nice activity ideas you can do over the 'holidays'.  We'll send another 'dose' for week 2.

  • Natural Dye Eggs
  • Create your own nest
  • Make a Bird Feed Kebab
  • Fun Party Games for all the family

Still time to DESIGN A PATCH, send us your designs for the chance to have them put into production.

Adventure on as best you can.  
In the wise words of Roald Dahl "A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men"

Viking Jomswikiger Game

Viking Jomswikiger Game

Hey kids, we’re back in the land of the Vikings! Joel’s favourite time period, I think he is part Viking - his middle name is "Bjorn" and his family used to live in Denmark so it would explain a lot! This time we’re exploring a traditional game played in settlements and camps. It’s a game of patience, skill and involves bit of tracking and stalking.
It’s called Jomswikinger – bet you can’t say that out loud ten times in a row!
Roughly translated it means “Blind Viking chest touch smash game”. Do we have your attention yet?  Read on ....

Native American Stick Game

Native American Stick Game "Lahal"

Native American Stick Game "Lahal"

Hey kids, Let’s learn about a traditional game played throughout tribes of the Southwest Native America’s.

This fun, light hearted game was often played when new tribes met as an ice breaker, traditionally used at funerals as distraction on a sad day or used between tribes to avoid war!

We’re going to craft our own set and then learn the rules to play.

Gangsta Granny Heist Game

Gangsta Granny Heist Game

Hey kids, 

Outdoors Project leader Helen has a game to share from one of her favourite David Walliams books "Gangsta Granny"! 

This is one of my favourite books, Ben and Grandma make a great team!

I'm going to show you how to build your own laser maze and assault course to steal the crown jewels and escape to victory!!

If you haven’t seen the film, here’s a link for the film version of this great book on CBBC.

Viking Norse Alphabet - Spy Decoder

Viking Norse Alphabet - Spy Decoder

The Vikings were amazing!  Probably one of our favourite points in history.

Vikings often used Rune Stones which were like big sign posts, leaving messages or warning to others.  

Test your Viking Norse Alphabet Skills in todays actvity.

Adventure Kit Bag Challenge

Adventure Kit Bag Challenge

Every good adventurer needs a survival kit. These come in all shape and sizes! Here's your chance to build your own!  Think about where you’ll going, what you need with some tips from us to help.

Tell us what adventure you plan to go on and some of the top items you've chosen to take. 

& today’s Riddle and Outdoors Fact of the Day.

DEN BUILDING.  Fun stuff to do...

DEN BUILDING. Fun stuff to do...

Hey kids here's some wise words from Outdoors Project Leader Joel about today's activity.  "This is a favourite of mine, I love making dens inside. There is no right or wrong way really. You can create something to sleep in, just to chill in to read your favourite book or a fort to hide out from dinosaurs! I always go with the dinosaur option personally!”

We'll be back outside Den Building soon but in the meantiem read on to find out what you need and our Top Tips, Riddle of the Day & more.